All our mastectomy products have pockets on both sides to restore your natural shape and hold your breast form securely, building confidence from the outside in.

Caring for your bras
We recommend using a lingerie washbag when machine washing garments to ensure you get the best from your bras. Use a mild detergent, cool water on a gentle cycle. Always ensure the hooks and eyes are fastened prior to washing to avoid snagging other garments.
If hand washing avoid rubbing the fabrics. Avoid drying garments in direct sunlight and do not tumble dry.

Caring for your swimsuit

Your swimsuit should be rinsed in cool, tap water after each time you wear it whether for swimming or sunbathing. If you have time to allow the suit to soak for 30 minutes, even better. This will remove most of the chemicals and sand and body soil that harm the fabric.  The chlorine in pools can harm a swimsuit's elasticity and cause the fabric to yellow. Almost every swimsuit contains spandex or Lycra, so again prompt cleaning is important.

After rinsing out the suit, you must hand was your suit. Plain water does not remove all the salt or chlorine. Refill the sink with water and add just a tablespoon or less of suit saver (available for purchase at Colleen's) or liquid detergent. Don't use powders because they may not dissolve completely or rinse away well. And, never use bleach. Turn your swimsuit inside out. Swish for several minutes and then rinse well. Gently squeeze - don't wring - the water out of the fabric. Spread your suit flat to dry in a spot out of direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can both fade and break down the fibers in your suit. Never use a dryer.

Using a hydrotherapy pool regularly or sitting in spa jets may break the lycra or spandex down quicker. It is recommended that you purchase a chlorine resistant bather and ensure you care for your swimsuit by following the instructions above.