Gillian's Story

Author: Gillian   Date Posted: 19 August 2014 

In April 2008 I went for my routine mammogram. I had been having yearly mammograms due to a family history of breast cancer. I'll never forget the call back phone call from Breast Screen ACT. The staff were wonderful, although it was all a bit surreal sitting in a robe with other women, all of us in the same situation. I knew that statistically at least one of us would be diagnosed with breast cancer. After another mammogram and biopsy I was free to go. 5 days later I was back at Breast Screen facing the doctor. I knew before she spoke the words, "unfortunately it's cancer", but nothing prepares you to actually hear "it's cancer". The nurse took me through what would happen next, explaining my diagnosis with diagrams, not that I was taking much in, my mind was racing. I remember being told that it was the start of My Journey. Journey in my mind conjures up traveling to exciting places, relaxing, sad when the journey’s over - does that sound like the journey I’m on????

More like climbing a mountain.

“Mountain climbing is not a lark, nor is it a mission to conquer. It is a test or learning of self. One slow lesson worth remembering is that the summit is only the halfway point. Coming down is equally relevant, you feel all your spiritual expansions in reverse as if the real test is not in your ability to get up but what you can hold and tolerate in your stiffening muscles as you achingly twist your way down”.

Julia Horncastle Centre for Everyday Life, Murdoch University

During my mountain climb I started journaling and at some point in my chemo induced state I started putting together a website. It was a way for me to put things into perspective as well as suggesting ways in which people could support those on their mountain climb. 

My family are all overseas and their way to support me and show me their love brought about the name for my website.

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